Handbuch Das System Bahn (The Railway System)

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800 Pages, Hardcover 17.05.2021 16,5 x 24,0 cm German ISBN 978-3-96245-224-7
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The railway system is developing at high speed: "Deutschlandtakt" and digitalisation, sensor technology, hybrid drives and environmental friendliness are current topics. As a result of the interoperability of the railways in the European Community (EU), the railway system has changed profoundly - not without impact on the handbook "The Railway System".

The 3rd edition, a fundamental new version, provides up-to-date information with a holistic system view by 28 expert authors (including 12 new, experienced experts) from the fields of science, industry, market research and railway companies. Theory and practice go hand in hand.

Current topics, many of them completely new, cover:

  • EU directives and planning processes in the context of interoperability
  • Technology and digital strategy of DB Systemtechnik
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Rail vehicles (including new developments)
  • Vehicle maintenance (ECM, basics and current examples)
  • Safety in railway operations (CSM, basics and current examples)
  • HGV systems worldwide (networks and trains)
  • Mountain and cable railways.

This new edition of the handbook "The Railway System" provides planners, developers, manufacturers and operators of railway systems as well as young engineers and all readers interested in railways with the latest information and a highly up-to-date outlook on the further development of this efficient, environmentally friendly and safe means of transport.

The included e-book provides users of a device with pdf-reader (PC, tablet, smartphone) the contents of the work also electronically and with search function.

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