VDV bus transport systems

310 Seiten Pages, Paperback 28.06.2007 22 x 20,5 cm German ISBN 978-3-96245-098-4
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The publication, published in the "Blue Series", documents the already advanced development of modern electric drive systems for buses.

Increasing environmental awareness and significantly tightened limit values ​​for engine emissions and air quality, as well as climate protection targets imposed by the legislature, call for constant optimization of drive technology, which, however, must also be economically feasible. With regard to the carbon-free – both global and local emission free - and almost unlimited emission of hydrogen as a fuel for the future, in connection with fuel cell applications, the development of electric drive trains for buses as a key technology is already being pushed forward by the VDV member companies and their industrial partners. Additional energy storage systems enable the regeneration of braking energy in the system approach as well as improved energy efficiency and a significant reduction in global emissions.

This publication is published in German / English and is intended to stimulate the international exchange of information on the state of the art of bus drive technology.

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