Public transport law

Volume 1: Laws, Volume 2: Commentary
1520 Pages, Hardcover 01.12.2013 14,8 x 21,0 cm German ISBN 978-3-96245-051-9
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Volume 1 contains the most important national and European regulations.

Volume 2 , part A, provides an up-to-date commentary on Regulation (EC) No 1370/2007, the regionalisation laws of the federation and the federal states and the passenger carriage rules. The authors cross refer to each other in their comments, to produce a unique nationwide reference work on German public transport .

Part B contains a commentary supplemented by presentations of important individual topics from public transport practice.

The book users also receive open access to full text commentary findings of judicial public transport decisions.

The volumes and decisions are continually updated and expanded as part of new editions.

The book is a sequel to Public Transport Law. The books are available in user friendly hardcover editions.

Content Volume 1

Part I - European Law

Part II - Federal Law

Part III - Federal state Law

Part IV - PBefG authorization authorities


Content Volume 2

Part A - Basics

A1 The European Common Market in Commercial Passenger Transport

A2 Regionalisation Act of the Federal and Regional Public Transport Laws

A3 Commerical traffic laws


Part B - Single topics

B1 Income and passenger focus of those involved in public transport : the role of marketing in public transport

B2 Official calls for Public Transport tenders

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