Shipbuilding Glossary

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The Shipbuilding Glossary contains more than 2500 specialist terms commonly used in shipbuilding and related areas; over 500 illustrations; more than 650 abbreviations; translations of the terms from German-English and English-German plus a very detailed index.

The book is designed to help beginners and career changers gain access to the fascinating but complex world of shipbuilding and to help experienced professionals find explanations and references that are of particular relevance to their work. In addition to terms that have been used for decades or even centuries, the glossary also explains terms that are relevant in the areas of rational development methods, ship safety and environmental protection in the context of current and future developments.

Published in the form of a glossary, explanations of the terms are designed to give a basic understanding of technical terms.

The included pdf e-book allows users to search and access all terms and references electronically using their PC, Tablet or Smartphone

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